An update of the1960s Uni-Vibe®, the Supra-Vibe™ is based on an early example (pictured below), which differs slightly from the more common later units.

The Supra-Vibe™ circuitry is faithful to the original, with the exception of improvements to the power supply, for quieter operation. Features are as follows:

The Cancel switch has the same function as that of the original Uni-Vibe® - the internal lamp is turned off, but the signal still passes through the circuit. This colours the sound noticeably, as can be heard on many recordings.

Because some players like to nail every aspect of the original sound, the Cancel switch allows the unit to be operated in the same way as the original Uni-Vibe®. The rate LED pulses in sync with the internal lamp.

For those who want a clean dry sound, the Cancel switch can be ignored - use the Bypass switch instead and you have a regular true bypass effect.


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