Wah Wahs

My aim with these is to produce a wah which captures the sound of a 1960s Vox, which for most people is still the benchmark wah. Modern mass-produced wahs invariably fall short - common criticisms are shrill treble, muddy bass and harsh distortion. The key component is the inductor; I wind my own inductors and an accurate reproduction is assured by having vintage examples for reference.

The end result is a vocal wah with a well balanced sweep, smooth treble and resonant bass. Parts are chosen for quality rather than on price, and each pedal is made entirely by me, from the machining of the raw castings to final assembly. The enclosures are cast for me by a local foundry, patterned from a 1960s "grey" Vox pedal.

Standard Wah

The standard wah features an updated version of the 1967 Vox Clyde McCoy circuit. The circuit board has four trimpots to allow tweaking and is therefore capable of a range of sounds.