True Bypass Mod

These pages descibe the true bypass mod for most Vox and Crybaby wahs. Click the appropriate picture for instructions on how to convert your pedal to true bypass. You will need a DPDT or 3PDT switch and a length of 7/0.2 stranded wire (24 AWG if you're in the US).

Italian Vox, Jen Crybaby, Wah Face

US Vox V846, Thomas Crybaby, '80s Dunlop

Vox V847, Dunlop Crybaby Rev.D

Dunlop Crybaby Rev.E, Rev.F, Rev.G

Italian Vox Clyde & V846

US Vox V846

Vox V847

Dunlop Rev.E

Jen Crybaby Thomas Crybaby Dunlop Rev.D Dunlop Rev.F
Wah Face '80s Dunlop Dunlop Rev.G